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Got a Million Dollar Product Idea? We'll Show You What's Next.

Your million-dollar product idea deserves a chance to bloom, and Invention Garden is your trusted guide in navigating the road to profit without emptying your pockets.

Learn the roadmap for where to go and the step by step process for building a business from your idea.

We’re the ONLY TRAINING COURSE that intertwines product development, patenting, prototyping, financing, licensing agreements, and business, marketing, and sales training into a comprehensive curriculum.

You don’t need to be a jack-of-all-trades. You just need to learn enough to navigate through the project, get the right help when you need it, and ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Before you dive in, spare a couple of minutes to discover how we can help save you months of time and potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Fast Track Your Idea to Reality or License for Quick Profits

Invention Garden is the only course that shows you the entire process, from the eureka moment to owning a flourishing brand. Alternatively, learn how to profit swiftly with licensing agreements, patents, or joint ventures.

By mastering the entire product development roadmap, you can not only build your own company but also identify earlier Profit Exit Points. These points represent stages where you can profit sooner without having to fully develop, manufacture, market, and sell the product yourself. With comprehensive knowledge, you’re in a better position to negotiate better deals with companies interested in your idea.

Quick Starter Courses -
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Kickstart your journey with one of our focused bootcamp training courses, each leading you into the wider Invention Garden Roadmap training. Every bootcamp comes with a 1-to-1 consulting session with our Product Development Professional tutors, weekly group trainings, and ongoing support via group chat.

Choose from:


-#1 Investor Pitch Ready in 7 Days
-#2 Prove your Product Market Fit

-#3 Your Personal Patent Plan in 7 Days
-#4 Perfect Prototype Plan


These are crucial launching points for any product development journey. Take your pick!

Course intakes only happen a few times a year. Be sure to follow us on our Facebook Page for updates and announcements.


Investor Pitch Ready

Investor Pitch Ready


Product Market Fit

Product Market Fit


Licensing Plan

7 Day Licensing Plan


Prototype Perfect

Perfect Prototype

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Navigate the Product Development Maze with Invention Garden’s Comprehensive Roadmap

Get a clear bird’s eye view of the whole process from idea generation and product design to financing, manufacturing, and sales.

We cover essential subjects like:

    • Overview of the roadmap
    • Understanding where you are and what’s next
    • Profit Exit Points
    • Idea development
    • Market research methods
    • Legal and technical requirements
    • Product specification
    • Rapid prototyping methods
    • Initial product design
    • Protecting your idea
    • Managing technical product design without overspending
    • Raising finance, venture capital, and crowdfunding
    • Joint venture options


And so much more.

Get a quick and complete birds eye view. Then pick the fastest easiest route to suit your goals

Work Smart with Professionals – Save Time and Money

invention steps

You don't need a battalion to turn your idea into reality. With Invention Garden's knowledge and insight, you'll streamline your operations, handpicking only the professionals you need for faster, cheaper results.

-Product Design Engineers
-Technical Drafts people / Computer designers
-IP & Patent Attorneys
-Prototyping Suppliers & Workshops
-Patent Research Companies
-Joint Venture Finance Partners
-Joint Venture Manufacture Partners
-Joint Venture Commercial Attorneys
-Venture Capitalist Investors
-Business Start-up Grants & Loans
-Crowd Funding Platforms
-Website Developers
-Marketing Agencies
-Fulfilment Companies
-Bookkeepers/ Accountants/ Tax Advisers

Has your head exploded yet???!!!

Yes, that’s a lot of people that can be involved. But with the right knowledge and insight Invention Garden will give you, you will be able to shorten the list!

Know who you need and who you don’t.

Gain the overview you need to pick only the professionals you need to work with and get results faster and cheaper.

Learn the 7 Golden Workflows

The 7 types of work that you need to be doing as your project progresses

A market research



B marketing
C product development



D manufacturing
E intellectual property

and intellectual property


F finance
G company


DIY or Fast Track with Financing?

Invention Garden tailors to your pace and budget. Whether you’re looking to roll up your sleeves or seek financial boost, we’ll guide you every step of the way.


If you have the time to commit, much of the work can be done yourself.

  • Do you have knowledge and skill sets that mean you can cover some of the technical work?
  • Invention Garden will teach you how to do much of the non-professional work yourself
  • For all but the most technical work (eg engineering or legal) the Roadmap will provide or point you in the right direction for more detailed training if you want it.


For example, we won’t give you training on the hundreds or thousands of hours needed to learn computer aided design, when for relatively little money you can give hand drawn sketches to a professional draftsperson who will get it done quickly and cheaply.

We will however give you methods to use for carrying out market research, walk you through the product design and development process, provide draft contracts to use for protecting your ideas and checklists, spreadsheets and other tools to work through many of the stages of the development.

Cheap and Slow or Raise Finance and Go Faster?

If your product is safe from being stolen or copied you may not feel under any real time constraint to get the product to market. You may have the time and resources to do lots of the Roadmap alone.

But as anyone who spends their life coming up with or following new ideas will know:

…. With so many people on the planet exposed to the same technology and stimuli its usually not too many years before the Million Dollar Idea you did nothing about is seen on a shop shelf or an Amazon listing.

If you are reading this then you have almost certainly seen Shark Tank or its UK version the Dragon´s Den. These shows allow a small number of inventors and product developers to pitch their Million Dollar Ideas to angel investors and venture capitalists.

With the right joint venture partner an inventor can benefit from the cash needed to develop and get to market far quicker and at scale as well as gaining big business insight, resources and contacts.

Invention Garden will guide you on:

  • Where to find financing
  • How to create a winning pitch
  • How to put together a strong Joint Venture Agreement

Any Pace. Any Budget. Invention Garden will guide you.

Profit Exit Points – Quick Profits, Fast Wins

Fast Wins & Quick Profits*

Choose the best Profit Exit Point for you. Whether it’s patenting, licensing, joint ventures, or owning a brand, we guide you towards the most rewarding path.

  • Build Value with Patents and protect them legally
  • Earn Royalties with Licensing Agreements
  • Be Part of the Business with Joint Ventures
  • Or take things all the way and become A Brand Business Owner Producing and Selling your own product




* As with all ethical coaching and training Invention Garden is not a get rich quick scheme and offers no guarantees to success. As with any entrepreneurial endeavor your success will depend on you and your ability to build a business or develop and license your product. Invention Garden will make this process easier for you allowing you to make better more informed decisions with your time and money

What's Included in Invention Garden?

-The complete Invention Garden Roadmap, including;
-Key Business Knowledge
-Key Product Development Knowledge
-Key Profitable Exit Points
-Access To Trainers, Engineers and IP Attorneys
-Live Weekly Training
-Live Q & A Sessions
-Lifetime Access to Private Chat Group of Students and Tutors

All for a Fraction of the price of contracting a Product Design Company which can run into tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Currently onboarding for the quick sprint courses. We take on 10 to 20 people every 6 weeks.

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Coached by Experts

Invention Garden is Built & Trained by Experienced Entrepreneurs & Product Development Engineers

The Invention Garden Founders, Morven Shearlaw and Edward Booth, hold Masters & Honours Degrees in Product Design Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

Additionally we bring over 40 years of entrepreneurial experience and business development knowledge to the table from a diverse range of companies and industries in design engineering, international business development and marketing.

Invention Garden is built on top of the methods, experience and expertise which have been developed over 25 years of operations of Fearsome Ltd. An award-winning Scottish Product Design Engineering company turning over seven figures annually and teamed by 15 expert and creative product design engineers.

Product Design experience ranges from portable medical devices for Medicine Sans Frontier to Wall fasteners designed for Raul Plug, Submarine docking mechanisms for the Spanish Navy and innovative environmentally responsible baby product ranges amongst many, many more.

Product Developers large and small, corporate and individuals, first time idea entrepreneurs and experienced inventors. Fearsome has helped them all with over 300 years of joint development experience between their engineers.

In recent years Fearsome has become specialised in the Medical Industry. But so as to capitalise on the accumulated wealth of inhouse expertise, Invention Garden has been created to help a larger audience to make their Product Ideas a Reality.

Work with experts
Morven Shearlaw

Meet the Team

Morven Shearlaw

Morven is a masters degree educated (CEng MEngHons) product design engineer with over 21 years industry experience as an engineer and entrepreneur. She is co-founder of the award winning international product development consultancy Fearsome Ltd based in Scotland´s industrial heartland of Glasgow.

Edward Booth

Ed originally trained and worked as a mechanical engineer (BEngHons) in robotics product design for the sub-sea oilfield industry. He has since specialized in business development and marketing for both startups and multinationals and now lives in the Canary Islands from where he runs his business growth consultancy.

Edward Booth